How We Make Our Sofa

We have learnt what makes a good sofa: comfort & long lasting. Our sofas are premium handcrafted to ensure the essential requirement is fulfilled. 

Buying sofa online may be outside of your comfort zone. Here, we want to show you just how they're made and the built structure.

You can rest assure to buy online from us, we only use the high quality, durable materials in building your sofa be it the frame, upholstery, foam or cushion. By selling online, we ship directly from our factory to you, this enable us to cut down the cost and offer you at a more competitive price, real value buying.




1.   When moving your sofa, do not drag it, please lift it from the base.
2.   Avoid outdoor use and exposure to intense and direct heat or sunlight.
3.   Vacuum your sofas periodically, using low suction to remove dust and debris from the sofa’s crevices.
4.   Wipe the leather sofa regularly with a clean, dry, non-abrasive cloth.
5.   Never clean with detergents.
6.   Apply a leather conditioner regularly; avoid using any products not designed for leather sofa.
7.   Cleaners or conditioners shall be tested on an inconspicuous spot on the furniture prior to usage in order to ensure that there are no adverse chemical reactions.
8.   To make your sofa more lasting, it is advisable to get your sofa professionally cleaned once or twice every year.
9.   Plump and shape sofa regularly to ensure padding and upholstery return to their initial appearance.