Why Us


  The sofa is the most important furniture in one’s home where we hang around, get cozy with family members, treat friends & guests. A high quality sofa can last years longer and a well-made sofa also shows your taste of style and a statement of your lifestyle.

  At handscraftsofa.com, we aim to bring you the sofa range that is stylish blends with practical & comfiness at a very competitive and affordable prices.


High Quality

  We use 100% genuine leather, every leather choice has been carefully chosen and the craftsmanship is well monitored to ensure the sofa meets our high standard as a fine furniture.



  We are proud to present our 1st  online customize application, now you can online customise your ideal sofa at your convenience, customise around with the templates given and make it your own. Our website is specially designed to project the customized template to meet the latest demand and challenge of furniture business in this e-commerce era.


Real Value

  We are the manufacturer and we are able to skip the traditional channel that is from factory to distributor to retailer's showroom, then finally to your home. At handcraftsofa.com the sofas sold straight from our factory to your door, therefore, we able to cut down the middleman cost. All sofas are made to order, involving minimal inventory and warehousing. By this way, it brings out our value proposition—high end sofa without the mark up.


5 Year Limited Warranty

  It's what inside that matters, our sofa comes with 5 year warranty on frame, please know that it does not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damages caused by impacts or accidents.